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promo codes are useful marketing tools that are exchanged for discounts when buying a product. They are mostly issued by manufacturers of packaged goods or services to customers or retailers and are used for sales promotion in retail stores. promo codes are usually distributed through magazines, newspapers, mail, coupon envelops or over the internet. Customers who are price conscious usually go and claim their savings from retail stores. When giving out promo codes, manufacturers mostly target areas that have great price competition for the given product. This article reviews iStockphoto promo codes and ShutterStock promo codes codes to guide customers when purchasing their products.

iStock Promo Codes

Check out this iStock Promo Code, which saves customers a lot of money when they purchase either new or old credit packs. iStockphoto is a widely known stock agency which provides customers with quality stock photos at the lowest price in the market. iStockphoto gives customers royalty free stock photos, audios, videos and illustrations which can be used for commercial projects. After completing an easy sign up, you can either purchase credit or enroll to a subscription plan. iShockphoto voucher code will then earn you a 15% discount – now only at Stock photo Secrets.

Using iStockphoto promo code is quite simple. After you have registered and bought the credits of your choice, you proceed to the checkout page where you redeem your discount. This is done by entering the iStockphoto promo code in the promo code text box and then enjoying your discounts.

IStockphoto credits come with different prices to suit the needs of different customers. You can buy as little as 8 credits for just $13.99. You can purchase up to 1,000 credits at the price of $1,465. For a start, 30 credits can be good and are available at the price of $50. One credit therefore costs you $1.67 and can buy for you a royalty free stock for your preferred use.

Check out this great explainer video, how to redeem this promotion here at Youtube or below.

iStock has a high quality photo library which offers you quality photos at the lowest price in the market. The huge collection of quality photos is carefully selected by the best photo editors and come in different creative designs hence providing you with the best quality photos. For the price of 1 credit, you can get iStockphoto promo code to use in downloading the photos of your choice from iStockphoto and using them for your intended purpose.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock has creative professional photographers, videographers and illustrators who upload their creative work to the website and get paid whenever their content is downloaded. This has made the site highly recommended among photographers. Shutterstock also screens every image, footage or vector that is posted in their site to ensure that it meets high standards of quality. There photo library has thousands of photo genres to ensure that a buyer chooses a picture which meets the intended purpose. Try Shutterstock today and make great savings from our Shutterstock Coupon Code.

All these websites regularly give buyers great discounts on these products through promo codes. These discounts keep on changing and buyers should always be alert for these great deals so as to make great savings.